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New Zealand
5th Fri  Whakatane RSA      Covers R n R & Ball Room  7.30pm
18th Wed  Tga Citz    covers   7.30pm
18th Sat Tga Citz  covers  7pm
22th Wed Tga Citz  covers  7.30pm
16th Sat  St Johns Club Tina Turner & Elvis Show
10th Wed  Tga Citz
24th Sat  Tga Citz
22th Sat  Tga Citz
23rd Sat  Tga Citz
28th Sat  Tga Citz
5th Wed  Tga Citz
8th Wed  Tga Citz
11th Wed  Tga Citz
12th Wed Tga Citz  covers  7.30pm
31st Sun Silverdale RSA
Roy Orbison, Elvis & Duke Box hits show $20pp
9th Wed  Tga Citz
27th Sat  Tga Citz
3rd Fri St Johns Club
4th Sat St Johns Club
29th Sat St Johns Club
30th Sat St Johns Club
21st Sat Hamilton Workies
22nd Sat Hamilton Workies
29th Sat Hamilton Workies
20th Fri Mt RSA
10th Fri Mt RSA
24th Fri Mt RSA
8th Sat Mt RSA
15th Sat Upper Hutt Cossie Tina Turner, Buddy Holly, Neil Diamond Tribute Show
11th Sat Tom Jones and The Big O tribute show 8pm-11pm
22nd Sun Castlecliff Club
17th Fri Taupo Cossie Club
24th Fri Silverdale RSA
25th Sat Whangeri  RSA
23rd Thur Beach Hop Whangamata RSA
2nd Fri Petone Workingmens Tina Turner, Buddy Holly, Neil Diamond Tribute Show
3rd Sat Otaki RSA Tina Turner, Buddy Holly Tribute Show
7th Sat Private Function
4th Not Available
25th Not Available
6th Not Available
5th Not Available
10th - 24th  Not Available
6th Not Available
7th Not Available
13th Fri  Porirua Club
14th Sat Private Functon
28th Fri  Porirua Club
15th Fri  Porirua Club  Tina Turner & Elvis Show
23rd Sat  Tga Citz
29th Fri  Porirua Club
18th Sat  Tauranga Rock N Roll Club
13th Sat Private Functon
4th Sat Private Functon
10th Fri  Tga Citz
25th Fri  Tga Citz
17th Fri  Tga Citz
8th Fri  Tga Citz
9th Sat Auckland Rock n Roll Xmas Hop
4th Sun  Mt Golf Club  4.30 - 9.30pm
28th Fri Mt RSA
1st Fri Mt RSA
13th Fri Mt RSA
24th Fri Mt RSA
22nd Fri Mt RSA
16th Sat Tokoroa Club.  Variety Show with Friends
9th Sat  Whangeri RSA The Big O & Neil Diamond Tribute show  7.30pm
18th Sat Castle Cliff Club  Whanganui.   Bee Gees Show  7.30start
14th Fri  Cactus Jacks Waipawa. Roy Orbison & Everly Brothers Tribute
8th Fri  Silverdale RSA   Buddy Holly & Juke Box Hits Show. 8pm $20pp
15th Fri  Tga Citz
21st Sat Hamilton Workingmens Club   7.30pm  start